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Washing and Disinfection SS Equipments

Complete Solution for Hospital SS Equipment

At our company, we offer a comprehensive solution for the washing and disinfection of hospital’s stainless steel (SS) equipment. Our range of products is designed to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare settings. Here’s what we provide:

    • Scrub Sink: Our scrub sinks are meticulously crafted to facilitate effective hand hygiene for medical professionals.
    • Tapper Scrub Sink: Designed for convenience and infection control, our tapper scrub sinks are a crucial addition to any healthcare facility.
    • Wall Mounted Sink: Space-saving and functional, our wall-mounted sinks are ideal for areas with limited space.
    • Slop Hopper: Our slop hoppers are designed to safely dispose of liquid waste, maintaining a sanitary environment.
    • Bed Pan Rack: Ensuring the proper storage and cleaning of bed pans is essential for patient care, and our racks are up to the task.

Our commitment to quality and hygiene ensures that our solutions meet the stringent requirements of hospitals and healthcare providers. We understand the importance of infection control and the role that clean SS equipment plays in patient care.

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