CSSD Furniture & Equipments

CMP Metal CSSD Furniture Equipment’s have been designed for all kinds of clinical operations and treatments. We are CSSD Furniture Manufacturer in India with wide range of additional equipment ensures optimal table configuration and safety requirements. Ease-of-use, versatility and optimized access to the operating area increase working ergonomics for the team.

As it is well-known that CSSD Furniture means Central Sterile Supply Department. We are involved in making CSSD Furniture that are suitable especially for departments of central sterilization, sub-sterilization, washing, wrapping and preparation of material, stocks of sterile material, veterinary consulting rooms and laboratories. This furniture’s are fully made of stainless steel with high quality ergonomically designed hospital furniture that lasts lifelong. We are happy to say that successfully combined the competence and capabilities to developed one of its kind hospital accessories.

High quality and proven technology of CMP Metal CSSD Furniture Equipment’s guarantee the patients’ safety.  The CMP Metal mechanic and hydraulic operating tables are based on highest quality, technical solutions from the world leading micro-hydraulics providers

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