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pass box

Approx Price : 36750/-


Pass Box: This pass box is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry in to the clean room. Enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to and from the room. This pass box unit acts as an     air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room. Dynamic pass boxes are provided with vertical laminar air Flow.





Mechanical interlocking for the doors


U.V. Light with inter locking arrangement to U.V. Light if either door opens


Floor mounted construction with three side wall structure & Door Drop

Seal. Three wall construction in case of floor mounting.


Support Stand to mount the pass box if necessary


Flange for sealing the gap between the pass box and the clean room wall


Swing type doors with view panels




Optional UV Lamp & Fluorescent tube light

Provision for ventilation with perforated grills



  • Material S.S 304 – 18 SWG
  • Perfect Matt finishing of product
  • Easy to clean Surface
  • Branded UV & Normal Lights are used
  • 1 year warranty of Product
  • Easy to install
  • Different sizes available
  • Electromagnetic System available (As per the demand)


Available sizes:-

  • Inner Size:- 304 X 304 X 304 / Outer Size:- 414W X 414H X 335D (1 FT x 1FT))
  • Inner Size:- 457 x 457 x 457 / Outer Size:- 567W X 567H X 492D  (1.5FT X 1.5FT)
  • Inner Size:-  610 X 610 X 610 / Outer Size:- 720W X 720H X 645D (2FT X 2FT)
  • Inner Size:- 900 X 900 X 900 / Outer Size:- 1010W X 1030H X 950D  (3FT X 3FT)

Inner Size:- 1000 X 1000 X 1000  / Outer Size:- 1110W X 1130H X 1050D (3.25FT

Specification :