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Dynamic Pass Box

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Pass through box clean air pass (clean pass box) through box is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry into the clean room. Enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to and from the room. Unit acts as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room. Dynamic pass boxes are provided with vertical laminar air Flow.

Standard features dynamic pass box

 Electromagnetic inter lock for the doors

Swing type doors with view panels

Door open indicator

Optional u v lamp

Fluorescent tube light etc.

Specification :

    • Work Area( inner) Dimension (L x W x H)
    • IN          450W  X 450H X 450D
    • OUT      600 W  X 520D X 1200H
    • IN          600 X 600 X 600
    • OUT      750 X 670 X 1455
    • IN   750 W X 750 D X 750 H
    • OUT  890 W X810 D X1490 H
    • IN          900W X 900 DX 900 H
    • OUT      1040WX 960 D X 1640 H
    • IN          1000W X 1000D X 1000H
    • OUT      1140W X 1060D X 1740H



    • Electromagnetic interlocking  for the doors
    • U. V. Light with Electromagnetic interlocking arrangement to put-off U.V. Light if either door opens
    • Construction

    internal covings for easy cleaning

    • Door
    • Door Release Switch on either side
    • magnehelic gauge
    • Differential Pressure Gauge 
    • Dop test port
    • Doors
    • Hepa filter
    • EU14 (3 micron porosity)- HEPA Filter (99.999% down to 0.3 micron) at supply position
    • Motor-blower

    Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor-blower with suspension arrangement to reduce noise


    • Power supply  230 volte