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dirty utility sinkbed pan rack

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The CMP METAL Stainless Steel DIRTY UTILITY SINK & BED PAN SLUICE HOPPER is designed for drying specimen bottles and bed pans rack. Manufactured from 1.6mm commercial grade 304 stainless steel sheets and. Ideally suited to aged care facilities and health projects - often in conjunction with the CMPMETAL Dirty Utility Sink and Hot water-cool Water Dirty Utility (sluice Room ) in hospital dirty area .hot cool water mixer taps available

High-quality stainless-steel sink unit featuring a very large 1200 as per length x 550 depth x 910 height & bowl size 500LX400WX300H with slop Hooper This unit is supplied on a stainless steel frame which can be fitted drained connection 38 DIA

The Bedpan and Bottle rack is a Stainless Steel Rack designed to fit bedpans and urine bottles. Can Be wall mounted bedpan and bottle rack size: - 1200 L X 335D X 300 H


Material S.S 304 – 18 SWG

Matt finishing

Easy clean surface

Multipurpose design

Fully welded, seamless and hygienic

  Multipurpose design

  Customize size welcome

  International Quality of product

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